All of the fruit we use is sourced within a 10 mile radius of Wilmington.  Not only do we have out own orchards, but we also purchase from individuals and crofters in and around Wilmington. We also have brought back into production the abandoned former Merry Down Cider orchard in Horam.  South Downs Cider is truly a cider of the people of Sussex.

The Things We Do...

Dry -

An eastern counties mildly dry cider crafted primarily from desert apples such as Cox and Gala with just enough Bramley to produce the right amount of tartness. ABV 4.5%

Medium -

A classic eastern counties style medium cider. Still and cloudy created from desert apple varieties traditionally grown in Kent and Sussex.  A strong apple flavour with a hint of pineapple. ABV 4.5%

Rhubarb -

A medium cider with the added tart flavour of fresh Rhubarb.    We use only real Rhubarb juice hand pressed and sourced from local growers in Sussex. ABV 4.0%

Elderflower -

A medium cider enhanced with the fresh flavour of Elderflower.  Our Elderflower blossoms  are hand harvested from meadows and hedgerows throughout the Sussex countryside. We then extract the Elderflower essence with pure waters sourced from chalk aquifers located beneath the South Downs. This essence is added to the cider in just the right amount to provide a fresh fragrance and finish. ABV 4.0%

Strawberry -

A medium cider flavoured with real Strawberry juice hand pressed from ripe strawberries from the fields of Kent. ABV 4.0%

Horsey Girl -

A medium cider enhanced with the juice of the Blackcurrant berry. A bit on the tart side with a rich purple color. ABV 4.0%

Sucker Punch -

Sucker Punch is a medium dry cider with an unapparent ABV of 6.1%.  The name was coined by one of our worker bees (Guy Whittaker) who did not appreciate just how well this cider goes down! :0)

Silver Lining -

Silver Lining is a medium, cloudy, and sparkling cider crafted from Brayburn, Gala, Bramley, and Cox apples. Lightly carbonated with a pronounced fresh apple flavour with a hint of pineapple. ABV 4.5%

Imperial Hopped Cider...

We know... Its sounds wrong on so many levels!  But before you condemn us, try it;  You might be surprised? We were!!! This cider was developed with prodding from Billy Erickson and his crew of Crash Test Dummies at Brewing Brothers at the Imperial Pub in Hastings, East Sussex.

A medium cider, cloudy and sparkling. This cider is combined with the fragrant but subtle taste of a top secret blend of American and Kentish hops. ABV 4.0%

Mulled Cider -

A classic Mulled Cider made from an old family recipe. We use real Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Clove and Orange Juice to create this moreish winter warmer. Available seasonally when the cold winds blow! ABV 4.0%

Contact Us...

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